Sunday, November 24, 2013

Commuter Shuttle of Contemplation

Hey, Benjamin here. As I ate my supper of cereal and pizza today, I began on a journey of thought that took me far, but ultimately nowhere. It went a little bit like this:

Hmn, here at college we have ID numbers just like people in concentration camps.
Actually, names are just like ID numbers using letters instead of numbers.
My cereal is getting soggy, but at the same time my pizza is getting cold. What do I eat first?
Names have meanings, though. Wait, it’s like that gestalt thing we learned in Psychology, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Also, if I alternate between eating a few bites of pizza and a few spoons of cereal, I’ll get the best of both worlds.
Alright, when someone calls my name, there is the energy of sound, but the call is more than mere noise. There’s a unit of meaning.
In fact, I can hold a cereal spoon in one hand and a piece of pizza in the other hand, thus eliminating the time gap produced by sustenance substitution.
Meaning can be both created and destroyed, so it can’t be either matter or energy. Maybe when a tree falls and there’s no one to hear it, there is sound, but not the sound of a tree falling, because there’s nobody to give the sound that meaning.

That’s right. Conundrum solved. I’m still not sure about that thing about trees falling in a forest, though…


  1. Wow . . . just . . . 0_0! I like the alternating threads of thought. I also disagree with your pizza/cereal solution.