Friday, March 9, 2018

Theater Luxury

One thing I've enjoyed about working in pest control is the chance to see things I wouldn't come across in my free time. I got to go back behind the pins at a bowling alley and see the whole mechanism that sets up pins and returns balls, and just a few days before that I went on the roof of a mall, a vast expanse of flat roofing punctuated by ventilation shafts.

Today, I went to a theater, and everything was fairly familiar until I reached the second-level boxes. This was clearly where top patrons of the arts got to sit-- just outside the entrance on this level was an exclusive lounge full of paintings and tasteful furniture. When I opened the door to the first box, I found myself in a small dressing room complete with a place to sit, a coat-rack, and a table with a few programs and a bowl of mints. From this room, another door opened onto the box itself, an ideal location both to see and be seen. With any luck, my future life will involve going to the theater every now and then, but I can't see myself ever being in a position to occupy a theater box with its own dressing room. I considered trying a mint while I was there, but I thought that would be unprofessional.

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