Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mesopotamia Meets Skyrim

Hi, Chris here. After Benjamin's spiel about history yesterday, I thought I should repair some of his high-minded damage and show that ancient Mesopotamia is interesting even if you don't like all the archaeological things he was talking about. So therefore, having just bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the Autumn Steam Sale, I will attempt to transcribe here my Dovakhiin's exploits in epic Sumerian fashion.

Of Cadoc I will say two things;
Of the son of Odo I will say three.
His arm is like a strong wall;
His flank like the wall of a mighty fortress;
His eyes are like those of the eagle.
Who surpasses him in strength?
Who surpasses Cadoc in strength of arms?

The men of Cyrodiil captured him;
The soldiers of Cyrodiil bound him fast.
He opened his mouth and said "Who is it that captures me?"
"Who is it that binds my hands with many ropes?"
"Who is it that takes me to the place of execution?"
Verily they placed his head upon the block;
Verily the soldiers of Cyrodiil placed his neck upon the cutting place.
Cadoc bared his neck for the axe, for who will not call him brave?
Who will say to him "I am your better?"
Cadoc extended his neck, and made peace with his gods.

I've just realized that it's taken me two stanzas to get partway through a simplified version of the first five-minute cutscene. I'll stop here, but I have to say that everything does seem to sound more epic when repeated two or three times. Or is that just me?

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