Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Return of Gilgamesh

Hey, Chris here. Things aligned just today for a very rewarding experience-- I enjoyed reading ancient Mesopotamian literature last semester, and for Christmas, I was given a copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh. It just so happened that I'm taking a class on ancient heroes of the Mediterranean this semester, and the first one on the agenda is Gilgamesh. We need to have the story read by tomorrow. I had an afternoon shift at the museum today, and was assigned to the Ancient Egypt/Near East gallery. When no visitors are around, we're allowed to sit and read any book we bring to the museum.

Long story short, with only one brief interruption, I read through the whole epic in about an hour while sitting in slightly dim light amongst Ancient Mediterranean artifacts. It was a really fancy feeling, and I have to say my homeschool-nurtured love of ancient history is making a comeback. Anyways, since I'm Chris, I need to write something artsy or creative, so I'll do a short Mesopotamian-style poem:

Like the moon his computer screen glowed;
Like many stars it shone brightly
Nimble were his fingers, like antelopes as they struck the keys
Like a herd of wildebeest his fingers typed the blog post
Who will now say, "This blog is not updated daily?"

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