Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tales of the Urban Dead Part 7

Albert had been living alongside the Boardsies for a few weeks when Mayer Hawthorne and Jerry Mothra took up residence in St. Matheos'. The two had wandered into Kempsterbank fleeing from the zombies just as Albert had. Mayer was a former doctor and, with Albert's help, began to reclaim some of the hospital's ruined medical equipment.

Jerry Mothra had been a sales clerk at an electronics store, and it was glee he returned from a scouting mission one day carrying a transistor radio. "We should be able to charge it from the generator no problem," he said, rubbing the dirt from his new treasure.

"Will there be anything to listen to, though?" asked Mayer, putting down the roll of bandages he had been wrapping.

Albert took the radio from Jerry and turned it over in his hands. "The Boardsies say there's people down at the Whitenoll HQ broadcasting from time to time. Twenty-seven point five five megahertz, if I remember correctly."

"Let's get this going, then," said Jerry.The sun was setting by the time the radio was ready. Jerry grinned as he fiddled with the knobs as static began to crackle. "I got the frequency," reported Jerry. White noise issued from the radio.

"We'll keep checking," said Albert.

Mayer sighed and took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes. "It's all we can do, I suppose." Even the Boardsies were quiet that night. Around two in the morning, a piercing cry echoed from the south. Albert slept on.

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