Sunday, May 18, 2014


Having just moved into the apartment that I'll be spending the summer in, I was confronted today with the realization that the microwave popcorn and cans of coke I had weren't going to be sufficient for my continued sustenance.

There's a Walmart not too far away, but it's still distant enough that carrying lots of groceries from store to house could be a pain. For this reason, I decided that the proper way to assess food costs for the summer would be using the dollar-pound-minute ($lbmin) as the unit determining what I buy and where I buy it (minutes would refer to how long it takes to walk back from the store). I bought 9000 $lbmins of groceries today, and it was quite an adventure at that. Long story short, I'm never buying milk.


  1. You could buy powdered milk - that's a lot lighter. Or you could get a wagon or some kind of rolling cart to tote your groceries home in. Or you could use a rolling suitcase...