Monday, May 26, 2014

MARTA Moments

There's been a gap in posting that I'd like to blame on travel, but hopefully my schedule will be more regular for the next few weeks. Here's a poem about one of my more recent travel experiences:

Great train in distance drawing nigh
To station 'spended in the sky
For what to how where for to why
I legged it to the gate

Breeze card I flung upon the spot
Where card tranferréd cash to dot
I breezéd past for I did not
Want to the train be late

'Twixt open doors I darted in
And comfy seat did haply win
And realized I just only then
That I was on the wrong train


  1. So I, like Batman, opened wide
    The cabin door and stepped outside
    Then jumped across the track divide
    And home-bound once again