Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RPG Characters

Many of my favorite video games are RPGs (role-playing games). I enjoy being an active part in a story and choosing how my relationships with in-game characters affect the experience. When creating my character at the beginning of an RPG, there are a few templates I often refer to. Here are some of the heroes I've created that I keep going back to:

Luc is a paladin (lawful good, if you're into that sort of terminology). Playing as Luc, I always go for the most moral actions, forgiving left and right and not accepting rewards from saved villagers. Luc usually has short hair and wields a two-handed sword. I've played as Luc in Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age: Origins, Dungeon Siege III, and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Talan is a soldier (neutral good). He helps people in need, often rising to leadership by merit of his great combat and decision-making skills. What Talan really wants is to settle down in a comfortable home, but he won't be found wanting whenever the land is in danger. Talan fights with sword and shield. I've played as Talan in Oblivion and Dungeon Siege 2.

Adrian is a mage (chaotic good). He's good at heart, but much more selfish than Luc, and is offended easily. He's extremely loyal to friends and holds grudges against enemies. Adrian often goes out of his way to help strangers, especially if they ask nicely. Adrian usually has long dark hair. I've played as Adrian in Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim.

There are a few more that come to mind: Humphrey the archer and Mnicholas the cleric have gone on many adventures. It's fun to come up with new characters, but these regulars give a sense of continuity to my RPG gaming.

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