Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Duncan's Dunkin' Donut

The noble Duncan steered ahead
To Dunkin' Donuts' lofty hill
And from good Dunkin' purchaséd
A donut for to Duncan fill

As Duncan Dunkin' from did stride
With glazéd donut grasped in hand
He straight a peerful friend espied
Who Duncan 'proached with this demand:

"Good morning, Duncan Donut-have
I see that Dunkin' Duncan's scanned
I ask you donut to donate to
My sans-Dunkin' Donuts hand"

Spake Dunc': "I do good donut hold
This 'nut from Dunk's requested
While spake you, though, donut grew cold
And swallowed, and digested"

And Duncan's friend grew gray with grief
For while his mouth to sweeten
The petition to donate donut
Good Dunkin' Duncan'd eaten


  1. While you were there, did you ask for work at Dunkin' Donuts?