Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Games With Short Play Sessions

As a sequel to "Three Games That Make Time Fly", these games, while still great fun, hardly make time seem to pass at all.

Papers, Please has great music, story, and gameplay, but it might be the stressfulness of cross-checking ingame documents that leads to my short game sessions. I'll greatly enjoy Papers, Please for half an hour or so, then decide to take a break and greatly enjoy it again some other time.

Fifa 13's football matches thankfully don't take 90 minutes-- game length is adjustable, but usually rests around 12 minutes for a full match. It's a breeze to load up Fifa 13, play two or three matches, then exit out, all virtual sporting needs fulfilled.

Team Fortress 2 is a game I play just about every week, but almost never for more than an hour. So much action is packed into each minute of this multiplayer shooter that I'll be surprised at how little time has past when I've had enough for the day.

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