Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7_Dan_7 Part 3

7_Dan_7 sighed and began to pick his way back home, covered in mud. His parents had been killed in a huge update when he was only six, and he had lived alone in the temple attic ever since. Father Aerick, the priest, had tried to take care of him, but more often than not, 7_Dan_7 was left to fend for himself. Alt1tude’s gang was making fun of him more often than not, but to be honest, they often had a point. 7_Dan_7 wasn’t a wimp, he just… wasn’t good at very many things. There had been that time when he tried out fishing and had somehow gotten stuck in his own net, and then there was his adventure into firemaking that resulted in the fiery demise of three trees and a sheep. 7_Dan_7 just seemed to fall short in whatever he did.
With a sigh, 7_Dan_7 slipped through the temple doors and began heading upstairs to his room. Father Aerick was sleeping in one of the pews as a random stranger in full armor played a tune on the organ. People often did that, walking in and playing the organ for no discernable reason. 7_Dan_7 had once asked Father Aerick why, to which the priest only replied, “They do it for the lulz, Dan.”

7_Dan_7 sighed again as he climbed into bed. He hadn’t had a single lol in the past week, especially with Alt1tude strutting around everywhere. More than anything, 7_Dan_7 wanted to belong, but every day he just felt like the background scenery in someone else’s story. 7_Dan_7 sighed once more and eventually fell asleep.

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