Friday, July 25, 2014

He Who Shoppeth At Walmart

Behold! who treads the Walmart aisle?
And 'twixt the tow'ring products strolls?
Who straight compareth with great guile
Off-brand and brand-name dinner rolls?

He lurketh 'neath the mayonnaise
And casts his eye obliquely 'round
He does the can of Spam appraise
And reckons well the price per pound

He standeth straight in longing line
To checketh out his Poptart s'mores
'Tis asked of him, "How is your day?"
Respondeth he: "Fine. How is yours?"

He exiteth with bags in hand
And starteth home with stable stride
His mission done save for one thing:
To put his fridge his cheese inside

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