Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hiring Difficulties

Good day, young sir, take off your coat, and please pull up a chair
We're building a new website as I'm sure that you're aware
What you will do is write for us eight hundred words a day
We're starting up, so just for now there won't be any pay

Ah, where's he gone? But as I say, there's more fish in the sea
There just are not that many who'll do a job for free

Good day, young miss, please sit right down; meeting you's delighting
I take it I am right to say you're here about the writing?
An easy job! Please right away your thousand words commence!
If what you write is good we'll pay a dollar fifty cents

Another gone, but as I say, you cannot catch them all
But soft! I think another person's just about to call

Good day, good chap, you're writing's good, as I've seen from your samples
But to assure it's really good, please send us more examples
A couple posts should do it, and if I like what I see
I'll pay a nifty dollar for good blog post number three

Ah well, three options down, but soft! I've got a feeling funny
That someone'll take me up because they really need the money

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