Sunday, August 17, 2014

7_Dan_7 Part 4

It was almost noon when 7_Dan_7 woke up. He stumbled down the stairs and waved at Father Aereck before heading out the door. It was a bleak day and there weren’t very many people on the streets.
7_Dan_7 was still cringing from his encounter with the bullies the day before, but he decided to take Alt1tude’s derisive advice and train on chickens. After all, if 7_Dan_7 couldn’t handle cows, he didn’t really have any other options. He picked up a bronze axe and headed to Fred the Farmer’s chicken coop.
Fred the Farmer was absent-mindedly staring at the wall when 7_Dan_7 walked by. It had always seemed a bit strange to 7_Dan_7, but the other people of Lumbridge didn’t seem to notice Fred’s odd habits. 7_Dan_7 walked out among the chickens and was just about to get started when he heard a voice. “Time for some n00b chicken farming, n00b?” It was Alt1tude.

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