Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amazon Pantry

I was going to go out grocery shopping today, but then I remembered that it's 2014 and Amazon Pantry exists. Amazon Pantry offers bulk delivery of food and kitchen items on relatively short notice and is one small part of Amazon's mission to be the one stop shop for anything money can buy-- the Walmart of the internet. Is this a bad thing?

I don't know much about economics, but when I actually did step outside after my virtual shopping, I got the feeling that the world is much bigger and more complex than the internet in the same way that a range of hills is bigger than a landscape painting. More real. I feel that dystopias that involve one large business taking over the world (such as in Wall-E) present the world as much simpler than it is.

To sum up, I certainly appreciate the convenience of the services Amazon provides, but it's not big enough to substitute for walking to a grocery store on a cold night.

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