Monday, December 1, 2014

Visa Ballad

'Twas once upon a happy day
My ears the good news found
That for that very Christimas
I was Nigeria bound

One thing I needed only then
To hence secure my going
A simple visa for my 'port
To mark my to and froing

That simple task I thus began
But needed one thing pronto
A new passport to bear my face
And stamp new visas onto

A quick trip to the justice house
Was all passport desired
But found I then that for said 'port
My birthgraph was required

Certificate of birth abroad
Takes one whole line to say
Unluckily for my travail
'Twas filed far away

A noble trav'ler it took up
And carried to the mail
Once had I it my passport
Application could not fail

Passport in hand and photograph
And visa papers too
I journeyed to the embassy
On buses not a few

My application was pristine
But hark my slight mistake
The consulate for payment
Won't but money orders take

Distraught was I but helped was then
By emb'ssy person neat
I could acquire 'orders
At gas station down the street

Strode I then to station store
And debit card showed fast
'Twas only then was I informed
That take they only cash

All was not lost! There was in view
An ATM convenient
I quick withdrew some dollar bills
For station store unlenient

Returned I then with stuff in hand
And for my visa stood
The person at the consulate
Said it was very good

'Twas simple, then
To cash withdraw
To order get
To visa 'pply
With passport new
With paper sent
To be Nigeria bound

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