Sunday, January 18, 2015

Screenshot of the Day: Two Worlds II

I don't know how you aim with the sun in your eyes like that.

Two Worlds II is a role-playing game that mixes story and an open world that plays a lot like a mediocre installment of Elder Scrolls. The fantasy world of Two Worlds II, as far as I played at least, is completely generic except for the one twist that the race called orcs are on the side of good for once.

What made Two Worlds II stand out to me, besides the hilarious title, was the weirdly high level of blurriness in cutscenes and when walking around the world. I did have my graphics set to low, but the haziness can't all be attributed to that. Whatever was going on, the world of Two Worlds II was dream-like in that it was populated with characters and landscapes that were blurry until focused on. It's almost like it was a second world. Maybe the title does make sense after all.

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