Friday, February 27, 2015

Souper Meal

'Cup Noodle' is a famous microwave-preparable snack used by college students and many others short on time and money. Today, I learned about Cup Noodle's big brother, 'Souper Meal.' It's a noodle product by the same company, Nissin, that makes Cup Noodle, so my guess is that it goes by a different name only because the container Souper Meal comes in cannot legally be called a cup. It's half the size of a loaf of bread and once water is added, the Souper Meal container takes two hands to carry.

Regular Cup Noodle takes a minute to microwave, but Souper Meal requires four minutes and thirty seconds just because of the amount of water that needs to be heated up. If eaten all at once (and who does anything else), one Souper Meal will fulfill 108% of an average adult's daily sodium requirement.

I got a Souper Meal that boasted a 'chicken flavor,' and, wary of artificial chemicals, I examined the packaging to see if there was actually any meat in this claim. I was relieved to find 'powdered chicken' on the list of ingredients, right next to silicon dioxide.

I bought two Souper Meals in today's exploration of new and exotic foods, but after eating the first one, I feel like I need to wait a few days before I'm ready for the next.

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