Monday, March 23, 2015

College Kitchen

During my freshman year, I didn't have good access to a kitchen, so a plastic bowl, cup, and fork were all I needed to get by food-wise. This year, I do have a kitchen and have been slowly growing my collection of utensils. Here's what I have now, courtesy of my parents, various stores, and taking the disposable plastic spoons from potlucks:

A saucepan with a lid
A muffin tin
A paring knife
A metal 1 cup measure
A metal 1/2 cup measure
Metal measuring spoons
A Tupperware container
A plastic cup
Two sets of plastic knives, spoons, and forks

I've made pasta, soup, muffins, cookies, and cooked vegetables with this arsenal. I'm getting a few plates soon to add to this collection-- at the moment, I eat off of pieces of wax paper. It's a pretty good arrangement.

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