Monday, March 2, 2015

Essay Writing Part 2

I've written previously about essay writing, but in that time the essays I was writing were two or three pages long and based on more simple questions. Here's my process for this semester's five or six page essays:

1. Write down ideas while reading texts. This happens days before writing begins. I write on the Dunkin' Donuts receipts that fill my pockets.
2. Get into writing mindset. Today, this involved drinking a cup of cold water, looking at myself in the mirror, and hitting myself in the face.
3. Format word document and think of paper title.
4. Write introductory paragraph
5. Take a short break, possibly writing a blog post about essay writing.
6. Write the rest of the paper
7. Edit the first paragraph to reflect what's actually written in the paper
8. Save and do something else, most likely not working for the rest of the evening.
9. Next morning, look over the paper, edit for grammar, and print.

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