Monday, May 18, 2015

Flash Drive Time Capsule

Archaeologists can date findings by referencing what layer of earth they're in-- a shard of pottery, for example, might be identified as a bronze age shard of pottery if it is found in the same sort of rock or dirt as a bunch of bronze stuff.

A week or so ago, I completed my biennial backpack cleaning and found two flash drives full of stuff I had written in high school, mostly for classes. I've been enjoying reading through these long-forgotten projects and wondering what I would write today given the same prompts.

One piece I wrote, "The Teenage Mind," was a personal reference all about the social structures I saw in my school. I remember back then trying to be very methodical about the whole thing and I can't help but cringe when I read it now. However, high school self was careful to say he probably didn't know what he was talking about, so fair play, I suppose.

In any case, I'm happy to have unearthed such a great cache from the high school layer of my backpack. I'll end with the first sentence of one of my 12th grade English essays:

"Of Shakespeare’s many plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the few comedies."


  1. If I looked back at the letters I wrote in the pen and paper and put a stamp on it era, most of the time I'm just doing variations on "clever". It was writing practice, but I don't want to do "clever" any more.

    1. Interesting... I suppose I might think the same thing when I look back on posts like this in a few years.