Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vegetable Trays

I don't have as many vegetables in my diet as I should, but events with vegetable trays have me eating through piles of carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli. I've seen many others who linger over the tray as I do, but not everyone is so interested.

Maybe I clear up vegetable trays because I like to see emptied serving dishes. I once ate four or five cups of broccoli from a large vegetable tray just to see if I could do it and because there wasn't much else going on at the time. Maybe nibbling on vegetables is a handy thing to do while listening to conversation. After all, I generally don't talk much in an event large enough to have a vegetable tray.

I've wondered for a while now if there are people who prefer celery to other options on a vegetable tray. It seems like celery sticks are included in most trays for decoration or as a last resort for when the carrots and bell peppers run out. The flavor is too bold and the fiber too hearty. Eating celery takes dedication.

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