Sunday, April 3, 2016

Reading Railroad

During my year in the UK, I've been going through a checklist of sorts of English experiences I wanted to have. Most of these experiences are from Chariots of Fire: wearing gowns, talking to porters, and so on. Some are from Harry Potter: eating at long wooden tables, wearing gowns, and so on. I thought that my experience on trains to and from the town of Reading counted as a Monopoly reference, but apparently Monopoly's Reading Railroad refers to a company in Pennsylvania.

I had brought a book to read on the Reading railroad, but I ended up staring out the window for most of my journey, sometimes in a crowded coach and sometimes with lots of room to stretch out. I wasn't always sure that I was on the right train, but all the connections ended up working out according to the schedule I had written down on the back of a receipt. The train stations along the way were mostly quiet and the train schedule was helpfully displayed on signs on each platform. Overall, it was a good experience, and I didn't even have to pay $50 (or $200, in the case of a monopoly).

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