Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Magic Tricks

There is a constant discussion among watchers and performers of magic tricks about what the effect is of knowing how a trick is done. On one hand, of course, is the idea that knowing the mechanism ruins the magic. On the other hand, however, so many books and videos are dedicated to revealing magic secrets that you have to admit that many non-performers get enjoyment out of knowing how tricks are carried out.

The third point of view in this discussion is that the best sort of magic has no trick and is thus equally amazing no matter what the audience and performers know about it. My personal favorite trick to perform is in this vein: you take three cards from a deck of cards (you can even have someone choose the cards for you if you like) and shuffle them around. Display the three cards to your audience so that you cannot see them and have them pick one (you can have them touch it or just think about it if you want to go with a mentalist angle). Shuffle the three cards again and select one at random (performer embellishment goes here). Present the card with a flourish and ask the audience if it is their card. If it is, great! Everyone is amazed. If you got the wrong card, change the subject of conversation.

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