Sunday, January 14, 2018

Wedding Advice

I went to a wedding recently-- as far as I can remember, the first wedding I've ever been to. There was, of course, lots of good food, an impressive amount of photos taken and many fun traditions to learn. The bride and groom got a lot of the same comments and questions through the day:
"How are you feeling?"
"Has it sunk in yet that you're married?"

The groomsmen, who had a much simpler job, heard just one thing:
"Don't lock your knees."
"If you lock your knees while you're standing on stage, you'll probably faint."
"If you lock your knees and faint, you'll ruin the moment for the bride and groom."

It was a lot of pressure, to be sure, but everyone managed to get through the ceremony without collapsing. That probably means good luck or something along those lines.

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