Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fresh Starts

In general, I like fresh starts. If I leave a book I've read partway through or a video game I've started but not finished and then come back later, I'll often start the whole thing over to get a unity of experience not possible with on-and-off consumption. In the past few years, I've enjoyed traveling to and living in new places, getting set up and getting into a new routine.

Of course, the problem with always starting things is that you less frequently get around to finishing things, which is possibly even more fulfilling. I don't believe that I'll ever stop starting things, but there are at least a few short-term habits in my life that I'm trying to turn into long-term habits so that I can get the payoff of a thing well finished.

Also, I'm not going back to the start of the Witcher games because it took me forever to play the first two.

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