Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exit Part 1

Exit was not actually always not an extraordinary boy. He had been not extraordinary Exit in the future, but was ordinarily not extraordinary Exit now. He was lying on his bedroll when an horn sounded. It was a while before Exit realized what it meant, that is to say, an. He was in the past, but that was impossible, so he was in the present in the past.
            With this realization, Exit sat up in his bed, which was a roll. He was lying, but actually now sitting in a field. Exit suddenly realized what a great opportunity he had. "Two plus two is fo-, I mean three," he said. Now he was lying while sitting in a field. Exit lay down again. "Two plus two is three." He was lying while lying, and... he looked around but there were no soap-making materials, so he sat up again.
            Exit was wondering what to do next when two men with pikes jogged up to him. "What are you doing here?" one asked.
            "I was doing maths..."
            "Don't you realize that Gustav and the Swedes are invading?"
            Exit had not realized it. "So you're here to defend Germany, than? I mean, then?"
            The second man sighed. "No, it's halfway through the thirty year's war and we've lost our taste for battle." He rested his pike on his shoulder as the first man spoke up again.
            "Yeah, we're just trying to sell these fish. Fresh caught, only three marks." He held out his pike for Exit to inspect.
            "There's not much meat on these," said Exit.
            "Course not, what're you supposed to eat on Fridays?"
            "People'd have our hides if we sold fish with meat."
            "Nine out of eight doctors recommend..." Suddenly, the world filled with light and went dark again. Exit began to hear new voices.

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