Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exit Part 2

"We'll need you to sign here, Mrs. Exit's Mother."
            "I won't sign to pull the plug on my son's life support!"
            "I'm sorry, but there's no other option. You're bankrupt."
            "What about health insurance? We've been paying health insurance for ages!"
            "I'm sorry, Exit's insurance is voided by cause of him being injured." Exit opened his eyes as light flooded his vision again.
            "He's awake!" screeched his mother.
            "He's awake!" squealed the nurse.
            An old man on crutches poked his head in the door of Exit's hospital room. "He's awake!"
            "What happened?" asked Exit groggily.
            The old man spoke up. "Well, I used to go swing dancing when I was younger..."
            Exit's mother interuppted. "Not to you, to him, Frank! You were taking Melanie out on a date..."
            "Well, there's this one dance venue, lovely little place," the old man continued.
            "And you went to supper and had asparagus for the first time," said Exit's mother, glancing at the old man.
            "'The Fabulous', I think it was called."
            "It turns out you're allergic."
            "Either to swing dancing or to asparagus, but I was always nimble on my feet, you see..."
            "And when you were driving Melanie home..."
            "Who's Melanie? Anyways, nimble, but I had a nasty fall, you see."
            "And there was an accident."
            "I'll say."
            "You were in a coma. You're lucky to be alive."
            "So am I."

            Exit was still confused. "What happened to Melanie?" Exit's mother looked uncomfortable as she took a matchbox off the bedside table and placed it in Exit's hands. As he began to open the box, the room began to shake and the world dissolved again.


  1. I really like this one, it's funny and unique. You're so talented :D