Friday, November 22, 2013

Screenshot of the Day: Team Fortress 2

My engineer's creations in Team Fortress 2. The ice statue is also me.
TF2 is an online FPS revolving around class-based combat. Of the nine classes, I've spent more than eight hours as a sniper and around one hour as each of the others. Recently, however, my mouse's right button stopped working, and not being able to use the right-click activated scope severely impeded my effectiveness. Finding another class to play after this has been an interesting experience- after skulking in shadows and for hours as a sniper, playing a soldier and bounding straight into combat felt very liberating.
Lately, I've been an engineer, supporting my team with dispensers, teleporters, and turrets. An engineer has to hang back and protect his buildings from enemy spies, so rather than the sniper perspective, always looking for a clear shot, or the soldier's experience, running around in the thick of things, I watch my teammates sprint by me into battle as I upgrade my turret. I hear explosions around the corner as my teammates sprint back just as quickly, often on fire. Every friend I heal, extinguish, or teleport has places to go and people to decapitate, but for a brief moment, there's a human connection. Either that, or I'm staying up too late. So long for now,

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