Monday, December 16, 2013

Screenshot of the Day: Bit.Trip Runner

I have obtained the 8-bit sparkles.
Bit.Trip Runner can be described as a rhythm platformer-- you run constantly forwards, jumping, sliding, and swinging to avoid obstacles. What makes this running game special is that, in my opinion, it integrates music into gameplay better than almost any other game I can think of. Games like Audiosurf and Rockband also have music as a central mechanic, but whereas the soundtrack in these games determines your experience, in Bit.Trip Runner, it is your experience that shapes and change the music. Obstacles require you to jump in time with the beat, and collecting bars of gold as you run adds new notes to the tune. The only purpose for powerups (besides improving total score) is to kick the background music up to the next level. As bad as I am at running and jumping games, I'll play levels of Bit.Trip Runner over and over just for the music. Bit.Trip Runner is exceedingly simple, but what it does, it does well.

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