Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Day of Writing

Hi, Benjamin here. I've just finished a day of writing, so what you're seeing here is the last few blobs of today's toothpaste tube of creativity. Comparing creativity to toothpaste actually just took so much out of me that I have to write in cold, mechanical language for the rest of this post.
alarm[0] = 1100;
awake = 0;
if time = 1427
awake = 1;
energy = 100;
if awake = 1 and energy > 10
energy -= 1;
energy += 1;
That's about it. I did manage to finish all eight pages of the paper, and after that Chris spent an hour or so writing the next installment in RPG Weekly (you're welcome, Chris). All in all, it's been a surprisingly productive day.

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