Monday, January 20, 2014

Screenshot of the Day: Mass Effect 2

I'm frankly surprised my computer can run this game.
Mass Effect 2 is a sci-fi RPG, the second installment of Bioware's Mass Effect trilogy. The player captains the Normandy, the spaceship shown in this picture, leading a special team on an adventure to save the galaxy. It sounds cliché, but I've been surprised at just how good this game is. Removing all of Mass Effect 1's tedious mechanics and controls, Mass Effect 2 is a smooth and exciting experience with meaningful choices and an engaging story. This is probably the game I would recommend to friends getting into gaming. To top it all off, I had an almost alien experience when playing-- the game is made up of thirty-minute or so missions, and after completing a mission, I felt like I had just enjoyed one of my best gaming in experiences in a while, but didn't feel any inclination to start the next mission, leaving it for tomorrow. My excitement for Mass Effect 2 will fade, but for now, I'm a happy camper.

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