Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

It's one of those special days in Atlanta-- I'll tell the story for those who didn't witness 'Snow Day 2014'. Around 12:30, frozen water began to fall from the sky. I was at lunch at the time, and watched as emissaries flooded the cafeteria, bringing news of cancelled classes, closed buildings, and severely affected shuttle schedules. Applause broke out at certain tables, and bustle increased as people rushed to stock up on food before the cafeterias closed.

Outside was a party. People were throwing snowballs and yelling, or gathered in energetic circles, taking pictures. Students, some of whom hadn't seen snow for years or at all, reveled in the powdery cold. After about an hour, people started heading inside, returning to warm rooms to begin the day where everything had been canceled.

I'm sure that having snow more often than once year might get tedious, but today I saw nothing but happiness in the celebrations of students getting to take a break from the routine of class-class-eat-class-work-eat-work-play-sleep. By Thursday, the snow will probably have melted or been cleared away by Atlanta's six snowplows, and I'll probably be looking forward to starting classes again. For now, though, I'm happy to rest and try something new.

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