Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tech Review: Basic Mattress Pad

Hi, Chris here. Last year, for Thanksgiving, my parents gave me a mattress pad for my dorm room bed. I finally got around to installing it about a week ago, and after more than forty hours of testing, I'm ready to write the review:

Basic Mattress Pad is a fluffy white bedding layer that fits neatly over a mattress. Installation was surprisingly simple, and the immediate effect on the rest of the bedding was clearly evident. Besides providing an exceedingly soft surface to lie on, Basic Mattress Pad greatly reduced the sound of chafing vinyl from the low-quality mattress. My sleep quality hasn't improved noticeably, but time taken to fall asleep and initial warmth of bedding have decreased and increased, respectively. While Basic Mattress Pad may not be optimal for those with high-end mattresses, it is probably the most cost-effective single improvement the amateur napper can make to their bedding setup.

Overall rating: 4/5

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