Saturday, March 15, 2014

Idea Generator

Here's a question for the day-- what's faster: a shark, a waterfall, or a motorcycle? Let's deal with maximums. Sharks come in third place, with the shortfin mako shark having recorded speeds of up to 74 km/h. The top speed of water in a waterfall would depend on height-- the world's tallest waterfall is Angel Falls, at 979 meters. Theoretically, water would be falling at almost 500 km/h by the time it reached the bottom. Motorcycles ultimately take the speed prize, with a world record of 605 km/h.

It's unfortunate that things have come to this, but there's a certain time when ideas are just hard to come by. If that's the case for you, try this site for as many random words or pictures as you could care for. I got shark, balcony, waterfall, and a picture of a guy on a motorcycle. I would hope that the average balcony has a speed of 0 km/h.

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