Sunday, March 16, 2014

Screenshot of the Day: Mass Effect 3

This is happening on top of a speeding hovercar, too.
Mass Effect 3-- a sci-fi RPG, and, surprisingly enough, sequel to Mass Effect 2. As of 12 hours in, I'm enjoying myself just as much as in the previous game. I won't repeat all the nice things I said about the series, but Mass Effect 3 has added a few new things.

With the trilogy's plot coming to a climax, the stakes are higher, and there are many more moments of emotion and loss as the galaxy descends into total war. Also, the best parts of Mass Effect 1's weapon modification are back, leaving behind the tedious inventory management. Long story short, I was able to attach a large serrated blade to the muzzle of my shotgun.

People say that the ending of Mass Effect 3 is terrible, but I've managed to avoid spoilers so far and still have no idea where this space train ride is going. What I can tell is it's going to be an exciting trip.

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