Saturday, March 29, 2014

Installing the Great .NET Framework

Chris's next game up for review is Dungeons and Dragons Online. Everything was going fine until two-thirds of the way through installation, when ".NET framework" said it was installing but never did-- the installer just quit.

I googled high and low to find a solution, browsing through Steam forums, DDO forums, and Microsoft support pages. I tried a few things with no success and passed over other fixes, hesitant to mess around with the deepest workings of my computer. As I went, I uncovered the mystery part by part. Dungeons and Dragons Online uses .NET framework 1.1, a version released in 2003, incompatible with Windows 8 machines.

For a moment, I despaired, but I continued a little further. There, I found the fix of all fixes-- the virtual equivalent of giving my program files a stern talking to. Nervously checking the guide to make sure I wasn't breaking my computer, I opened the Dungeons and Dragons Online folder and opened some of the 'config' files in notepad. I found all the spots where the program required .NET 1.1, and told it that it didn't need 1.1 after all.

Everything worked fine after changing the notepad files. Isn't that something?

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