Sunday, March 30, 2014

Screenshot of the Day: Deux Ex: Human Revolution

A trench coat is mandatory in this line of work.
In the process of filling in my gaps in gaming knowledge, I had to come to Deus Ex eventually. I chose to play the remake, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, lauded by some as better than the original game. What Deus Ex offers is freedom-- not just dialog decisions, but choices made in every level and every fight. The player controls Adam Jensen, the cyborg-man so awesome he literally has mirrored sunglasses built into his face.

In Deus Ex, you can be the guy who kicks in the door and mows everyone down, but that's the experience almost every action game offers. Complex hacking and stealth systems ensure that you can also be the guy who slips past enemies like a ghost, wreaking havoc but never seen. I went on my first mission equipped with a sniper rifle that shoots tranquilizer darts, leaving a trail of sleeping enemies in my wake.

This stuff is all well and good, but I was completely sold when Adam Jensen's sunglasses flicked into place.

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