Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Theory and Practice

How is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese made? It's a simple set of steps in theory-- boil six cups of water, cook and drain the macaroni, then add the cheese mix and some milk and margarine. In practice, however, the dorm kitchen is two hallways and three flights of stairs away, and I'm not going through all that trouble for a quick midnight snack.

It was then that I came up with another idea: margarine and milk probably aren't all that important, so in theory, upon eating the dry macaroni and powder plain, the water in my digestive system should do the rest of the cooking. All the elements are there.

In practice, I could only finish a quarter of the mix before I began to feel a bit sick. As an inquisitive college student, I try to find new solutions for all sorts of problems, but I usually find that things are done the way they are for a reason.

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