Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7_Dan_7 Part 1

Smoke rose over Lumbridge town and the cries of a baby pierced the morning air. The proud parents of the newborn smiled down at their child. “Have you thought of a name for him?” asked the midwife Victoria.
The new mother glanced at her husband. “We thought… Daniel.”
Victoria nodded and started leafing through a well-worn book. “Daniel… sorry, that username’s already taken.”
The father sighed. “How about Daniel01?”
“Let me see… taken.”
“Dan_the_Man?” suggested the mother, a worried look on her face.
“Also taken.”
The father put his arm around his wife. “I’m sure all the sensible names have been used already.”
The mother nodded, then perked up. “I know—how about 7_Dan_7?”
Victoria flipped through the username book. “That one’s free.”
“Why sevens, dear?” asked the father.

“It’s lucky,” she said, cradling 7_Dan_7 in her arms. “Our boy is going to be lucky.”

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