Friday, March 20, 2015

Glaceau Vitamin Water

I've slowly been coming to the conclusion that soda is in some ways the opposite of apples, viz. one a day, rather than keeping the doctor away, is likely to attract medical professionals, i.e. dentists. I am, then, switching temporarily from drinking Fanta et al. to Glaceau Vitamin Water, etc. However, as they say, non in legendo sed in intelligendo potus consistunt.

What's all the Latin for? I've been thinking about the Asterix comics recently and I got carried away after using "viz.". To get back to the point, though, the issue is this:
1. I'm convinced Coca-cola may not be healthy in large quantities
2. Glaceau Vitamin Water, also available at the cafeteria, sounds healthier
And that's about it, isn't it? "Glaceau" sounds like ice water in French, which is nice. "Vitamin" seems healthy, and then there's another "Water" at the end for good measure.

However, since this is Emory, all available drinks (except the milk, probably) are Coca-cola products, so Glaceau may not be a magic bullet of health (not to say expressio unius est exclusio alterius, rather timeo Coca-cola et dona ferentes).

It turns out that while Glaceau has a lot of sugar, it doesn't have quite as much as soda. That's some consolation, I suppose.

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