Friday, February 5, 2016

Sainsburys vs Tesco

Sainsburys and Tesco are the two local grocery stores that have about the same selection of goods at about the same prices. They're even about the same distance from my dorm. At the moment, Sainsburys is my preferred location for four major reasons:

1. I like the name Sainsburys better
2. Sainsburys' generic brand is more aesthetically appealing (simple orange and white) than Tesco's
3. Sainsburys has larger, sturdier grocery bags
4. Tesco receipts are printed on both sides, but Sainsburys only on one, so I can write notes on the other side

Funnily enough, the fourth reason is what closed the deal for me. Over the past couple years, I've gotten used to having ridiculously long CVS receipts scattered over my desk and now I'll forget to do a lot of things if I don't have them written down on a receipt somewhere.

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