Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sleep Kickstart

A few times in the past year, I've found myself in a sleep schedule where I go to sleep and wake up far too late. One way to kickstart a more helpful schedule is the good ol' "stay up all night and then go to bed at 4 pm the next day" plan. After the initial day, there's a week or so of invigorating early nights and early mornings, which does great things for my productivity, first because I wake up when I'm rested instead of when I have to for class and secondly because I have several hours in the early morning with few distractions.

Unfortunately, I've used this strategy twice in the past couple months. It's a temporary fix, and as I'm currently reaching the end of the effects of my last kickstart, I'm working on developing a more permanent strategy. Probably something involving post-it notes on my bulletin board.

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