Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meal Deals

McDonalds is my go-to restaurant for small celebrations. Tricky experiment in lab worked out? Spent all day working? Did well on an exam? The answer is just a bit more food than I can eat at one time for the price of a large drink at Starbucks.

My staple order used to be a Big Mac meal, but I've found that real savings are found on multiple dollar menu orders. The top example is the 2 cheeseburgers meal. At my local McDonalds, 2 cheeseburgers ($1 each), a medium coke ($1), and fries ($1.39) will set you back $5.19 when you buy them as a meal. Philosophically, this is huge, as provides solid evidence that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

My current go-to order, then, is 2 cheeseburgers (bought individually), 1 McChicken ($1.29), and a medium coke. I used to order a small coke, but it turns out that every size of soft drink costs $1, so the only reason to buy small is self-control. Eating at McDonalds makes me feel American and proud of a century of agricultural advances. I balance my health out afterwards by walking the mile and a half back to my apartment and eating a whole head of broccoli.

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  1. You express your thoughts with great clarity. I wish I could do the same!