Saturday, December 9, 2017

What To Do With Cardboard

About half of the furniture and other items for my new apartment have arrived on my doorstep in boxes, and I have not yet been able to suppress my instinct to hoard cardboard boxes because they might be useful. The stack of flattened cardboard in my living room is currently finishing a final stage of growth as the last few items arrive, and then I need to make a decision.

I could make some sort of furniture, or perhaps something decorative, but I can't quite think of something that I would actually want to have around the apartment. My younger self, I'm sure, would be very unhappy to hear of this current lack of creativity; I remember a book of crafts my family had that described a bunch of things to do with big boxes that I could never try for lack of material. Perhaps I need to take an afternoon to make a cardboard fort and then be done with it.

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