Friday, January 5, 2018

Interior Design

One of the surprisingly fun parts of getting my own apartment has been furnishing it. I'm no design expert, of course, but I thought that if I laid out a few guidelines for myself, I could at least put together something that was visually consistent. The theme I settled on was simple, square designs; most stuff is wood and upholstery is blue or grey fabric. My accent color is sunshine yellow. The chair pictured below is the inspiration I had in mind when acquiring furniture.
For aesthetic (and financial) reasons, most of my household items and furniture are the basic model offered by large retailers. All of my video game experience tells me that this is the correct way to furnish a starter apartment, and I can upgrade when I reach the next level.

In some ways, I regret that I can no longer fit my worldly possessions into a suitcase and a backpack, but regular use of the How Would I Feel If Everything In My House Was Consumed By Flame test helps keep things in perspective.

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