Monday, April 2, 2018

Wall Art

As the stocking and decoration of my apartment nears completion, one living room wall remains blank and lonely. The chairs and couch in the room are facing this wall, so it would be a good place to put a TV or fireplace, but I doubt I would use the former and I doubt my landlord would appreciate the latter.

Since many of the items in my apartment came from large retailers such as Amazon and Target, I looked up 'art' on Amazon to see if they had anything interesting to place on the wall, but everything that I saw was about as soulless and uninteresting as you might expect mass-produced art retailed by a large corporation to be. A replica of a famous painting might do nicely, I suppose.

Alternatively, I could leave the wall blank; in a way--not a particularly inspiring way--a work of art all by itself.

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