Friday, December 13, 2013

More Niche Jokes With Benjamin

One exam down, three more to go. Here are some of the it-was-funny-at-the-time products of my past few days of studying:

Why didn't the lysosome function when it saw the net equation of photosynthesis?
It was too basic.

Why was the Latin verb telling everyone what to do?
It was in a bad mood.

What's the difference between a rotating metronome placed on a stack of worksheets and a stressed student?
The metronome always turns in assignments on time.

That last one is slightly depressing, so I think I'll get back to studying now. Things are going well, but I'll be glad when these exams are finished.

UPDATE: Have to add this gem from

From Cambridge Jests: Or, Witty Alarums for Melancholy Spirits by a Lover of Ha, Ha, He, 1721

That book title, though.

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