Friday, December 11, 2015

Fun With Knitting

In empty vacation weeks where there's no concrete schedule, I try to find constructive things to do in order to not feel like I'm completely wasting the time. This week's activity was knitting: the strange activity of turning yarn into objects of clothing.

Knitting is a fitting choice for this vacation because I'm in need of hats, scarves, and sweaters, and while these would almost definitely be cheaper to buy from a store, there's a certain rustic appeal to wearing your own handiwork.

I didn't follow the advice of learning with large needles and thick yarn, but in retrospect it would have made things a lot easier. My first project is a monochromatic scarf; the only thing simpler is probably a potholder. One reason I wanted to try knitting was for its great audiobook and podcast potential-- at the moment, I'm happily unencumbered with menial tasks.

I'm already getting the right finger calluses.

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